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Firebase is a cloud services provider that comes as a toolset to meet your app needs without the struggle of managing a big infrastructure We will look into how to implement analytics into a React Native application and manage, test and deploy its core features.Nov 06, 2017 · Firebase for React Native. Firebase supports a real-time NoSQL database for react-native. It can be your best bet when it comes to changes like data synchronization and offline data modification. Firebase is pretty much capable of fulfilling the requirements of “M[model] and C[controller] in MVC” to react Native based applications.

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Firebase Database Mutation. The FirebaseDatabaseMutation allows you to render components that run Firebase mutations (update, set, push).. A setMutation function that returns a promise is provided to the children function. In order to use video compression, a bare react native project is required as Native Modules are used e.g. react-native-image-picker & react-native-video-processing. This means if you are using expo, you need to eject it first because expo does not easily support adding Native Modules.

Mar 13, 2020 · There are many useful strategies for using Firebase and React Native together. Also, using a UI library like react-native-ui-kitten saves a lot of time over figuring out how to style each component. The Feed screen we implemented is from one of the templates from Crowdbotics' react-native collection. We use UI Kitten for our latest template ...