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Aug 13, 2016 · This function implements the basic functionality of the normcdf function in Matlab's stats toolbox. Similar to normcdf it takes three inputs, the x axis (x), mean of the distribution (mu) and the standard deviation (sigma) and generates a normal cumulative density function using the equation: y = 0.5*(1+erf((x-mu)/sqrt(2*sigma^2)))

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误差函数 erf 和 normcdf 之间的关系是 normcdf ( x ) = 1 2 ( 1 − erf ( − x 2 ) ) . 对于 1 - erf(x) 格式的表达式,请改用补余误差函数 erfc 。 この MATLAB 関数 は、x 内の確率値で評価した、標準正規分布の確率密度関数 (pdf) を返します。

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function OUT = sp_lag(y,X,W,vnames,eigvals) %SP_LAG computes the Spatial Lag Model of y on X given lag weights % matrix,W (and using the multivariate FMINS procedure in MATLAB). Sep 08, 2013 · I know there is one function makedist which resembles this but it is available in MATLAB 2013a and I have 2012a. So is there any other way? ... normcdf(1,0,0.25 ...

If %s is used an element read may cause several MATLAB matrix elements to be used, each holding one character. Use %c to read space characters; the format %s skips all white space. Mixing character and numeric conversion specifications will cause the resulting matrix to be numeric and any characters read to show up as their ASCII values one ... Matlab 实验 1.使用normpdf以及normcdf函数画出均值为0、方差为4 的高斯随机变量的概率密度曲线和概率分布曲线,并求 出P(0≤X≤1)的概率。 2.分别使用normrnd和randn函数生成1x200个服从标准正 态分布的随机数,如要生成N(1,25)的正态分布呢?